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  • What events do you cater?
    We do everything from large corporate functions to intimate privte parties, just let us know what setup we should bring. We've worked with companies like Red Bull, Twitter and Spitify, artists like Justin Timberlake and events like The Brit Awards, The Grand Prix and we were present at Kensington Palace this summer for the Royal Wedding.
  • What do you need from me?
    Communication is key! Please tell us all the details of your event as indepth as possible. We require electricity and for a high throughput event we ask for 1x 32amp connection. We have our own 20m cable and distribution box so we can manage our power in house. For parties at a venue that does not support this get in touch! We can usually make it work. We would ideally need access to fresh drinking water to cook with and a place to park our vehicle.
  • Do you have a minimum number of heads?
    Yes and no. We usually say 90 heads minimum but if you have a few less that's A OK, just get in touch and we'll discuss the options.
  • I want to book you! How does the deposit work?
    We ask for payment in full in advance for most events. For weddings we ask 1/2 of the job value as a non refundable deposit with the remaining funds due 14 days before the event. Once you're paid in full we are booked in come hell or high water as they say. In the unlikely event that we need to cancel on our side due to emergency or unavoidable act of God or other- your money will be refunded to you via bank transfer immediately.
  • Just how American is Jackalope's All American...?
    Our founder Adrianna is true blue yankee doodle dandy from Denver, Colorado, USA. Land of South Park, cowboys, craft beer and tech. And yes...South Park is a real place. And can go there.
  • What areas do you service?
    We are proud to announce that we are now serving nation wide! Please be aware that some longer journeys will be subject to fuel costs.
  • I want something that isn't on your that possible?
    Sure is! Just get in touch. We love to cook so all things are possible.
  • Okay, what in the hell is a Jackalope?
    Oh partner, pull up a cushion and settle down for story time! Legend has it that Douglas Herrick and his brother in The Way Back When were hunters with taxidermy skills. Some say they went West looking for gold and when they didn't find anything left of the once thriving goldmines they stuck some deer antlers onto a taxidermy jackrabbit, called it Macaroni, and sold it to a local hotel in Douglas, Wyoming. It caught on and the Jackalope was born. These days you can find Jackalopes just about anywhere in the Western United states before you hit California (in what we call Cow Towns) and we continue to use them to trick unsuspecting tourists to this day. Careful though, I heard they go for the ankles.
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